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1799 - Chart of the Duff's Track in the Pacific Ocean 1797

Map makerSizeMap IDCondition
James Wilson
T Chapman
530 x 340 mmD1 / M13 / I13Narrow margins. Minor seperation along the top of two folds. Bottom right corner margin trimmed close to neat line. Very clean. A very nice example of the map.

This detailed chart shows the voyage of the Duff in 1797. This map marks and details the route of the first English missionary voyage to the Pacific. Captain James Wilson during the voyage also discovered a number of new islands. The map depicts Australia as it was pre-Flinders with no southern coastline and with Tasmania still attached, however unlike many other maps the undiscovered area is indicated with a dotted line that shows it as an unexplored region.

"The ship, commanded by Capt. John Wilson, had aboard members of the London Missionary Society and their families, who were resettled in the South Pacific on the islands of Tahiti, Tonga and the Marquesas. During his travels Capt. Wilson discovered the archipelago of Mangareva, which he named Gambier in honor of the British admiral sponsoring the expedition. The map shows Australia's south coast incomplete and unexplored. The map covers from Hawaii to the coast of Vietnam in the north and from Australia and New Zealand through the Marquesas and the Dangerous Archipelago in the south". (exert from Old World Auction house catalogue)

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