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1680 - Untitled/Polus Antarcticus

Map makerSizeMap IDCondition
Frederick De Wit 480 x 420 mmD2 / M143 / I61The structure of the map is in good condition. There are few spots of foxing. Coloured.

De Wits edition of this famous hemispherical map of the Antarctic region by Hondius. This edition shows the discoveries of Tasman in Australia and New Zealand .

Originally published by Hondius, Polus Antarcticus' went through several changes. This edition shows Tasman's discoveries from his 1 st voyage in Australia and and New Zealand .

Jansson in 1657, published the first edition of 'Polus Antarcticus' to show Tasman's discoveries and according to Schilder, this was the last impression of the map. However Tooley states that de Wit published this edition in 1680, which he claims differs from Jansson's edition by the lack of text on the verso. Both Jansson's and de Wit's editions differ from earlier editions by the inclusion of the islands of 'Paulo' and ' Amsterdam ', and the lack of a title.

Although Tasman s 2nd voyage discoveries in Australia 's north are not shown due to physical limitations of the map itself, the reference 'Nova Hollandia Detect Anno 1644' suggests knowledge of those discoveries.

This information is adopted from the Printed World catalogue series, one of the most enjoyable and informative Australian Antique map catalogues available, created and compiled by Simon Dewez.

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