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1773 - Entrance of Endeavour River, in New South Wales / Botany Bay in New South Wales

Map makerSizeMap IDCondition
James Cook 340 x 135 mmD1 / M185 / I79Very good Condition, with original folds. Very wide margins.

The first published chart of Botany Bay and the Endeavour River after the original drawing by Cook himself and published in the official account of Cook's first voyage.

This map was engraved after an original drawing by Cook himself. It shows the Endeavour's landing place in Botany Bay , and details the various fresh water sources found by the crew. The soundings of the bay are also marked as is the name 'Sutherland', given to the place where one of the ship's crew was buried and incidentally the first shire named on Australia 's east coast. The Botany Bay map is coupled on the same sheet as one of the Endeavour River where Cook's boat was shipwrecked after running aground on the reef. Soundings of the river's entrance are shown as is the exact location where the Endeavour was banked for repair. Cook's campsite is also indicated.

This information is adopted from the Printed World catalogue series, one of the most enjoyable and informative Australian Antique map catalogues available, created and compiled by Simon Dewez

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