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1798 - New Holland with the Adjacent Polynesia

Map makerSizeMap IDCondition
William Faden 120 x 100 mmD1 / M191 / I226Excellent condition. Some excess ink inside plate mark. Full margins.

Faden was the geographer to the King of England and produced many fine works until his death in 1836. This map has three main features that make it especially interesting. 1. this map is one of the last to show Tasmania connected to the mainland, as Flinders and Bass had circumnavigated it in in the same year and found it to be separate. 2, this map is one of the few early maps to focus on Australia, and 3, This map comes from a minature or pocket atlas. This atlas was made to be easily transported and was ideal for the 18th century traveller. Its small size, detail, and fine quality make Faden’s map a fascinating piece.

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