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1752 - Orbis Vetus in utraque continente…

Map makerSizeMap IDCondition
Vaugondy 710 x 475 mmD1 / M197 / I103Crease over western hemisphere (minor). Repaired hole in southern Atlantic. Repaired tear in left margin. Manuscript '1' in top right corner of margin. Very minor foxing. Minor colour offsetting. Nice full margins. Good clean example.

One of Vaugondy's large folio maps. The Vaugondys were descended from the Nicolas Sanson family who were also map makers of some importance. From him they inherited much of Sanson's cartographic material which they combined with maps and plates acquired after Hubert Jaillot's death (another notable mapmaker) in 1712 to form the basis for the very beautifully produced Atlas Universel. The old material was much revised and corrected with the addition of many new place names. The elder Robert de Vaugondy, Gilles, is also known as Le Sieur or Monsieur Robert and was Geographer to the French King.

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