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1795 - A New and Correct Map of the World According to the Latest Discoveries

Map makerSizeMap IDCondition
Anonymous 690 x 390 mmD1 / M228 / I220Good condition. Wide margins

An interesting map of the world, showing discoveries up until 1793. It can be presumed that the map was printed circa 1795. However it is most likely that the map was originally printed in the early 1780s because of the extent of discoveries it mostly shows. This would mean that it was updated and reissued by the owner of the copper plate some years after its first use. This is further supported by the extent of scratches on the plate and part of the title bar being intentionally covered up to disguise either the date of issue or makers name. Australia is shown still connected to Tasmania as was the limit of pre-Flinders knowledge before 1798 and Port Jackson and the settlement of Sydney is not shown.

The map shows all three of Cook's voyages and is attractive with its use of wisps as simple decoration around the title.

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