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1793 - Chart shewing the Track of the Waaksamheyd Transport from Port Jackson in New South Wales to Batavia in 1792

Map makerSizeMap IDCondition
John Hunter 250 x 215 mmD1 / M236 / I156Fair condition. Top and bottom margins are trimmed to within the neatline with minor loss.

An unusual depiction of the Australian continent upside down. Hunter's map of Australia illustrates the voyage of the Waaksamheyd, a dutch vessel, that was used to transport the wrecked crew from HMS Sirius that had become ship wrecked after hitting the reef on Norfolk Island in 1790.

John Hunter who had been Captain of the Sirius (The flagship to the first fleet that colonised Australia) had been initially blamed for the loss of HMS Sirius which had been a serious problem to the new English Settlement in Sydney and on Norfolk Island. On his return to England he published his account of the voyage in "An Historical journal of the Transactions at Port Jackson & Norfolk Island" which was published in London in 1793. This map of Australia and several others were included in the work. Upon Hunters hearing he was cleared of any wrong doing in the tragic loss of the Sirius and would eventually become Governor of the New colony in Sydney.

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