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1818 - Le Sage's Historical, Genealogical, Chronological and Geographical Atlas…

Map makerSizeMap IDCondition
Le Sage 390 x 510 mmD1 / M316 / I282Fair condition. Most pages are in very good condition however the boards have come loose. Please contact us for a full condition report.

The English edition of Le Sage's impressive French folio atlas. This is the second English edition and is updated until 1818. Its title page notes "Second Edition improved with a new Geographical and historical map of Europe", which shows the continents new divisions as settled by the congress of Viena in 1815 after the loss of the French in the Napoleonic wars.

The atlas contains 38 maps and charts of information. Each has some degree of hand colouring that form a kind of colour patchwork on the charts of information. The pages themselves are in very good condition, with only a few with foxing, though the atlas has become unbound and both marbelled boards have become detached. The spine has also detached so the individual maps are now seperating from the binding. The work however is compete and all original for either rebinding or the individual pages for framing. A very interesting and highly informative atlas that was moving into the information age with the sheer amount of information contained within it.

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