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1834 - Van Diemens Land

Map makerSizeMap IDCondition
John Arrowsmith 540 x 660 mmD1 / M332 / I300Good to fair condition. Please contact us for a full condition report

Arrowsmith's map of Van Diemens land or Tasmania is a legacy of the high quality work that John Arrowsmith produced. He worked on a number of maps and charts during a vital age of Australian exploration and map making. This large chart of Tasmania shows the counties and grants in Van Diemens Land and a description of its topography.

The Arrowsmith family prominently published maps between the 1790s and 1860s and was integral in producing a large quantity of up to date and high quality maps of Australia and its regions during the main years of Australia’s exploration. Before the mid 1800s it was common for many mapmakers to be behind in noting new discoveries or improved surveys on their maps. The Arrowsmith’s, however, were exemplary in issuing maps that included the latest discoveries. A fine example of Arrowsmith’s charts is Flinders and Bass’s chart of Tasmania, titled ‘A Chart of Bass’s Strait…’ published in 1800. John Arrowsmith was the most prolific publisher of maps of Australia from the family. From the 1830s on he published maps of Australia’s interior with exceptional accuracy, detail, and urgency. These covered discoveries of explorers such as Oxley, Leichhardt, and Mitchell to name but a few. His maps would often feature in government reports covering the Australian colony and its development. John went on to become one of the founding members of the Royal Geographical Society and highly regarded within his profession.

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