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1787 - A General Chart of the Passage from England to Botany Bay in New Holland 1787

Map makerSizeMap IDCondition
J. Andrews 390 x 255 mmD1 / M351 / I323This map comes bound into "The history of New Holland". Please contact us for a detailed condition report

Though this appears to be a map of the world it’s actual objective is to illustrate Australia’s (New Holland) distance from England and the track that is planned to be taken by the First Fleet on route to establish a settlement in Botany Bay. The line leading out to Australia illustrates the track and just below Australia can be seen a small ship that represents the ships of the First Fleet. A very desirable and rare map.

Australia (New Holland) is still very much a mis-match jigsaw of early discoveries correlated together. Tasmania (Van Diemens Land) is shown connected to the mainland and the Southern parts of Australia do not show the presence of Spencer’s Gulf. The east coast now called New South Wales has many place names, which come directly from Cook’s chart published in 1773, being the most detailed survey of the landmass carried out to that point.

The map is offered here bound into "The History of New Holland" though the map of the Australian continent is absent. A very desirable and increasingly rare work that is essential to any collection that focuses on Australia’s early settlement.

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