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1803 - A chart of the Indian Ocean improved from the chart of M. D'Apres De Mannevillette; with the addition of a part of the Pacific Ocean…

Map makerSizeMap IDCondition
Louis Stanislas d'Arcy De La Rochette
William Faden
1100 x 580 mmD1 / M355 / I330Excellent condition. Cut into sections and canvas mounted as issued. High quality manuscript corrections to Southern Australia (possibly by Faden). Please contact us for a complete condition report.

De La Rochette's beautiful chart encompassing the Indian Ocean, Australasia and the Pacific is best appreciated up close. The quality of the engraved image and high level of detail is of a standard rarely found on even atlas maps of the time. Most interesting about De La Rochette’s chart is the proposal that Portuguese explorers had first charted parts of the Australian and New Zealand coasts. Next to New Zealand it reads “New Zeeland: Discovered and named by Tasman 1642, but whose eastern coast was known to the Portuguese about 1550”. On the Australian east coast “Costa das Ervas 1550” is shown between Cape Byron and Sydney Cove, “Rio de Muitas IIHas 1550” inland of Harvey Bay, “Balria Perdida 1550” near Mackay and “Costa Perigosa 1550” south of Cape York Peninsula.

The large chart has been cut into sections and mounted onto canvas allowing it to fold into a booklet, which has preserved the chart in excellent original condition. Interestingly the chart has a note attached written by Ronald Tooley who points out that there are a few manuscript corrections to Australia's southern coastline most likely done in the publishers hand (possibly Faden). As the chart was published before Flinders publication of his discoveries in Southern Australia, the chart has manuscript corrections to a post 1814 view of the continent. The chart would again be issued in 1817 with these and other corrections though the example on offer is the 1803 edition.

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