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1700 - Carte des Costes de L'Asie sur L'Ocean Contenant les Bancs

Map makerSizeMap IDCondition
Pierre Mortier 850 x 570 mmD1 / M361 / I334Very good original condition. Wide margins. Small joining fault. Excellent hand colouring including the compass roses and large towns highlighted in gold.

Mortier's large chart of Asia is interesting due to the fact that it shows the complete known coastline of the continent. Most charts showing a similar view of the region tend to only show the northern parts of the continent, leaving out the southern coastline and Tasmania. The beautiful chart prominently displays the rumb lines that are often seen on 17th century charts including 4 rosettes.

From the early years of the Australian continents discovery the question of whether New Guinea was joined to the continent had been debated. Most map makers often left a small space between the landmasses that questioned the existence of Torres Strait. Interestingly Mortier approaches this question by depicting New Guinea as two island, with the colour of the eastern island seeming to split New Guinea from the Australian continent.

Offered in here in original colour with the cartouches shown with net colouring. A rare and beautiful display piece.

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