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1829 - Chart of part of New South Wales, with plans of the harbours...respectfully dedicated to John Oxley...

Map makerSizeMap IDCondition
Joseph Cross 930 x 610 mmD1 / M372 / I345Please contact us for a complete condition report

Joseph Cross' map of New South Wales is one of the earliest detailed and most comprehensive of interior New South Wales. It was originally issued in 1826 and at that time also had a decorative vignette in the lower right corner. In this edition the vignette has been covered by a map of Port Phillip. There are also several inset maps of Moreton Bay, Port Hunter, Broken Bay, Jervis Bay, Port Macquarie, Port Stephens Twofold Bay, Western Port and Botany Bay. A very desirable and rare map, made even more by the fact that this example has not been cut and mounted on linen like almost all other examples. It is therefore a superior copy.

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