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1827 - Oceanique. Partie de la Nlle Hollande (Western Australia)

Map makerSizeMap IDCondition
Philippe Vandermaelen 400 x 430 mmD1 / M396 / I373Very good condition with a minor foxing

Vandermaelen's map of south western Western Australia encompasses the coastline between Jurien Bay to Cape Le Grand and is listed as Plate number 52 from the Atlas Universal. On the map is an inset of information about the region, which was before the colony was established.

Vandermaelen's Universal Atlas was the first to have every one of its 400 sheet maps drawn on the same projection and to the same scale. This would in theory allow the maps to be joined to create an immense globe. Based on this many of the maps in the atlas are of areas previously ignored by other map makers. The atlas is also one of the earliest lithographic atlases and is of a high quality.

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