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1726 - De moordenaars Baay (Golden Bay NZ)

Map makerSizeMap IDCondition
Francois Valentyn 330 x 200 mmD1 / M416 / I390Please contact us for a condition report.

This well known engraving from valentyn's voyages is said to be one of the first to show the New Zealand Maoris. Showing two views, one of Tasman’s two ships in Murders Bay (Golden Bay) surrounded by Maori canoes and in the foreground a crew of Maori paddlers. The second is of Tasman’s two ships in Abel Tasmans Bay (Tasman Bay).

Tasman moored in what would come to be known as Murderers Bay (Golden Bay, New Zealand) on the 18th of December 1642 with his two ships the Heemskerck and Zeehaen. The natives soon approached the ships, eventually ramming one of the Dutch long boat’s killing three with a fourth dying shortly after.

Valentyn’s focus on his collection of Voyages was the East Indies. Abel Tasman’s voyage around Australia was also included in his account as Tasman’s journals were kept in Batavia (Jakarta), whose access was given to Valentyn. From Tasman’s journal a number of maps and views were reproduced for the first time. Even though Tasman’s discoveries had been communicated to other map makers, there is no record of his more detailed maps and views being published before this example in 1726.

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